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Brotherly Love Cross the Border to Devon

In April 2023, the Master and some brethren from the Lodge of Brotherly Love No 329 made a surprise visit to WBro Jonathan Sibley and his Devon, Pleiades Lodge No 710 in Totnes. During the meeting they were treated to a wonderful his tory of the Statue of Liberty, its origins and connections within Freemasonry.

Jonathan Sibley is a valuable member of the Lodge of Brotherly Love often being called “a Lodge Father”. There cannot be many examples of three generations of the same family being made Masons in the same Lodge. The Sibley family certainly features in this regard, with Frank Sibley initiated in 1922, and Richard (Dick) initiated in 1939. Jonathan was made a Mason in 1976 with his father in the Chair in what must have been a ceremony of some note and emotion for both. In recognition of being the senior active Past Master in the Lodge of Brotherly Love, Jonathan has been invited and he has accepted to be the Master for the Bi-Centenary year.

By: Bro Audrius Venteraitis


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